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Launch Party Collection

This March 15th, KBShimmer is launching its debut collection featuring the all new look.  Matte black and holographic foil accented boxes, brushed silver logo imprinted on the bottle, and 5 free base set the bar high for KBShimmer’s 10th year in business.  The 9 piece space themed collection features 8 multichrome and duochrome polishes and a galaxy holographic top coat.  Retailing for $10 each, this out of this world collection launches Thursday March 15th at KBShimmer.com and select retailers.

 Just A Phase – Just like the phases of the moon, this magnetic multichrome polish has many different looks.  This polish shifts from shades of red, bright pink, gold, green, copper and peach.

Solar Flair – If you are looking for a fiery polish, this magnetic multichrome is it!  Like the molten flares of the sun, this polish shifts from shades of gold and yellow, to hot oranges and reds.

Let’s Do Launch – When the space shuttle was launched going off to the moon, I can only image the  families gathered around the television, in the pastel shades of the late 60’s, anxiously awaiting those first lunar steps.  This magnetic multichrome echoes those soft peach and pinks, lime green, and grass green shades of that eras fashion.

Thrust Issues – Burning bright in the sky, the golden flames of the rockets carrying astronauts into orbit are etched in the minds of those that have viewed space launches.  This magnetic multichrome shade imitates those golden hues with a range of yellows, gold and oranges that dance like flames on nails.

You Rocket My World – Earth, with is rolling hills of green, vast blue oceans, and rich and vibrant jungles must be a wondrous site to see in space.  This magnetic multichrome starts with vibrant shades of green and shifts through shades of lavender and silver.

No Comet – Like a comet shooting through the sky, this magnetic multichrome shade mimics the colors of those nightly wonders.  This magnetic duochrome shows off a vibrant blue, flipping to a majestic purple.  Top with A Star If Formed for galaxy like nails.


Spaced Out – This magnetic multichrome is full of fantastic flipping pigment.  Purple and pink hues give way to shades of green blues and in photos and almost silver color appears.  This is one shade you won’t want to take off!

Orbits and Pieces – Throughout space, orbiting around planets you will find billions of pieces of stars, planets, and even stuff from earth.  Imagine finding technology from earth light years away, crazy!  This magnetic duochrome polish is crazy as those pieces of space junk.  A vibrant magenta pink hue flips to a bold blue toned purple, for a shade fit for infinity and beyond.


A Star Is Formed – What is a space collection without the stars?  This holographic top coat is loaded with micro holo flakes that shimmer and sparkle in the light.  While not quite a linear holo, theses micro flakes produce a beautiful holo flame that paired with any of our magnetic polishes twinkle more than any galaxy in the sky.

KBShimmer Magnet – A strong magnet with the “cat’s eye” or linear pattern.  Retails for $3.00

The countdown has started, KBShimmer’s new look and the Launch Party Collection will blast off 03/15/18. Polishes will retail for $10; other product pricing will vary. For a limited time, get the whole collection, magnet, and multichrome bag for $90.00.

KBShimmer By The Numbers

KBShimmer By The Numbers

2017 was a great year for KBShimmer, and we wanted to share some of our proudest accomplishments, and here they are, by the numbers!  So sit back and join us as we give you some insight into where 2017 took us, and maybe a hint of what 2018 will bring!

Facebook:  We ended the year on a Facebook high, with over 195,000 fans!

Instagram: We love you as much as the 109,645 hearts you gave us in 2017.

Shipping Ninjas: We kept the post office busy with over 32,000 packages shipped out, and that does not include FedEx!

Multi Chrome Madness: For the second year in a row, Shade Shifter was our most popular polish with 14,231 bottles sold.

Clearly On Top:  You love our topcoat, with over 2,200 orders containing top coat!

New Shades:  We added over 80 new colors in 2017, including several limited edition and group exclusives.

On The Road: We packed our bags and attended 5 shows this year, including 1 pro show!

2017 was a fantastic year for us, full of fun, laughter and joy.  2018 is already starting out with a bang!

New New New!!:  We have a new staff member that started in 2018, we are super excited to have Jena on board.

New Scents: You tested, we tallied, and 4 new scents will be coming your way in 2018.

And Much, Much More!  We have lots up our sleeves with new colors, new scents, and so many exciting things happening that we can not wait to share.  2018 will be our best year ever!

Happy New Year everyone, hope your 2018 brings you everything you desire!

Christy & Jason

Hella Holo Customs + KBShimmer = <3 <3 <3

KBShimmer is very excited to announce that for the month of February, KBShimmer is one of 2 featured makers for the Facebook Group Hella Holo Customs.  Hella Holo Customs (HHC) was created two years ago for fans of holographic polishes of all types.  Each month, group members submit inspiration photos for makers, then vote on those photos.  Makers then work in collaboration with the group admins to create 3 stunning holographic polishes!  Members using sneak peeks they get along the way, suggest names for each polish.

We at KBShimmer were so inspired that we created 4 polishes for this months group customs.  These are on sale now through 02/28/2017.


These polishes are then put up for sale for a limited time, exclusively for group members.  Why, if not available publicly am I telling you about these polishes?  Because you can join ANYTIME!!  And the best part, we are working with the admin of this group and they are going to handle international shipping for us, so even if you live outside the US you can purchase these directly from us!

JOIN NOW – https://www.facebook.com/groups/HellaHoloCustoms/ – JOIN NOW

None Of Your Bismuth

Based on the multichrome crystal photo that captures a metallic rainbow of colors, this truly unique multichrome was blended with several different pigments to shift from a teal green, to aqua blue, to fuchsia pink and purple.  This spectrum of color is accented by a strong linear holo. This polish is very unique, and it looks different in varying forms of light.  If soft, indirect light, you see more of the greens and purples, while brighter light brings out the blues and holo.  In strong sunlight, the holo really shines and the polish looks teal and green, and sometimes it appears almost like a dark navy.  It really is amazing how many personalities this polish has.  2-3 coats recommended

16583866_978802488917300_2856325591697719296_nkbshimmer-none-of-your-bismuth-2 16711612_1815197775407404_729824327111987587_n HHCRainbowCrystal1-4 KBShimmer Hella Holo Customs KBShimmer None Of Your Bismuth 11

Deep Hue Sea

Inspired by the shadows and fuchsia shades of sunset, Deep Hue Sea is a charcoal holo with strong violet pink shimmer, appearing almost as deep bruised purple in certain lights.  In low lighting, it appears black, with pink and violet shimmer popping out, while in bright light, it looks more dark purple and pink with a strong linear holo.  2 Coats recommended

16585376_1730249083971329_374738838628597760_n 5c7068f7-f5f2-448f-9f35-b06d35e5d95f_zpswegsn2lu 16487860_1838475376430697_8910889660889028545_o Deep Hue Sea1 DueHueSea KBShimmer HHC February 2017 Deep Hue Sea (5)

Tall Pink Of Water

When the sun sets, and the sky is just right, beautiful flashes of orange, fuchsia, magenta and dark purple fill the sky.  This holo polish captures the bright fuchsia and magenta tones of the suns setting rays.  This pink polish is packed with linear holo pigment for one of our strongest holos yet.  2 coats recommended

16465185_1275390602528434_5508330943355551744_n 16601734_748882402639_7543119674157817326_o 16665510_1838485949762973_125788648120656816_o HHCSunset2-3 KBShimmer-tall-pink-of-water-2 copy TallPinkOfWater

Shoe The Blues Away

Based on the glittery shoe, Shoe The Blues Away is a vibrant cobalt blue shade is super holographic, with the holo pigment adding pops of lighter aqua against the deep blue color. This polish almost has a inner glow in some lighting, with the way the holo shows.  2 coats recommended

16585585_572148636325023_1665038879402491904_n e7a0937c-e041-446f-bec3-c65a178ea2e6_zpsiukfr2d5 IMG_7897 KBShimmer HHC February 2017 shoe the blues away blue linear holographic (3) KBShimmer HHC February 2017 shoe the blues away blue linear holographic (7) ShoeTheBluesAway

These polishes won’t be around for much longer, so join the group and get these before they are gone!

JOIN NOW – https://www.facebook.com/groups/HellaHoloCustoms/ – JOIN NOW

The Fish Ate My Feet!

Every since I was introduced to pedicures, getting my feet worked on has been my simple pleasure!  I have had pedicures on vacation, at home, used online products to peel away the dry skin, dipped my feet in wax, but nothing has been as strange as having a fish pedicure!
I recently traveled to Playa Mia Resort for a day trip while on a cruise.  At the resort, they have a tiny stand where the Garra Rufa fish live.  These fish are sometimes referred to as Doctor fish, as they eat the dead skin, leaving fresh, healthy skin behind.

I asked a few questions before having my pedicure.  How are the tanks cleaned, is the water fresh, and do you feed the fish?  The tanks are cleaned daily, and the water recirculates through a filter (you can see the tanks look super clean and water crystal clear).  The fish are also fed daily like normal fish, so they do not starve them!


Unlike normal pedicures where you have an tech that works on your feet, here you just place your feet in the water (after being washed off and sanitized) and the fish go to town!  You instantly feed a slight buzzing, nothing that tickled me or my husband (yes, I made him try it too!).

For the next 20 minutes we sat, chatted, and listed to soothing music while the fish did their thing.  It was a very relaxing break from the hot sun, and after my feet felt smooth and silky.  There was not any polish or lotions involved, just the fish, so I guess I would call this a modified pedicure.


Here is a video of the fish in action.  It is cool to see the little “whiskers” moving while they are searching for nom noms.

Not sure how you feel about fish pedicures, here is the CDC’s take on them.  Do I think I would do it weekly, no, but for a fun vacation treat, yes!

What is the strangest, or best pedicure you have had.  Let me know by commenting on this post!

The Office Space Nail Polish Collection

Sometimes you want to be a bit naughty, but stay within the lines drawn by the man.  The Office Space Nail Polish collection consists of 8 naughty and neutral nail polish shades ideal for the office.   These 8 nail polish shades add a pop of color and sparkle to your nails, while still keeping the boss happy.

Take Back CTRL – This dusty rose, mauve leaning polish shade is the perfect punch of pink for the workplace.  This neutral shade will look good on warm or cool skin tones, and covers in 2 easy coats.

kbshimmer-office-space-take-back-ctrl-naughty-nudes-1Caught On Tape – There is no need to look for cameras when wearing this shade.  This pale mauve shade is super creamy, and a dream with 1-2 coat coverage.  This trendy pale shade will make your nails pop on even the worst security camera.


A Hint Of Manila – We dare you to call this vanilla shade boring.  This mega flame polish is loaded with holographic sparkle set against a soft tan base.  This shade is perfect in 2-3 coats and will make filing a pleasure.


Supplies Party – This warm cream shade is loaded with metallic flakes and holo sparkle for a color that will make even the 5th meeting of the day enjoyable. This muted liquid metal (birthstone finish) polish is a must have for around the water cooler. Best in 2-3 coats


Makin’ Copies – This pale silver color is filled with white shimmer, but when the light from the copy machine hits, you will see a rainbow of linear holo sparkle.  Best in 2-3 coats


Fax Of Life – Before email, those gray fax machines were the most important pieces of office equipment. The ring then hum of the fax was a great sound for those waiting for important paperwork.  This dark platinum grey polish pays homage to the fax machine.  We loaded the polish with linear holographic pigment, for a sparkly grey manicure while waiting for a fax or when enjoying happy hour! Best in 2 coats


Staple Relationship – Somedays it seems like the stapler is the best work relationship you have, that is, until you cast your eyes on this metallic shade on your tips!  Silvery flakes and holo sparkle add shine to this deepened gray polish. While not a true Liquid Metal finish, this shade still has a great metallic finish with subtle purple undertones. Best in 2 coats


Cubicle Pusher – Ahh the cubicle life.  Those tiny walled spaces where every conversation is public and your business is their business.  This muted holographic grape shade will make your nails the one topic of conversation you don’t mind if your neighbor hears.  Best in 2-3 coats.


Birthstone Collection 2016 Launches 01/01/16

KBShimmer Birthstone Collection 2016
Release date 01/01/2016, shipping starting 01/04/2016

We are excited to announce the launch of our Birthstone Collection, a lineup of polishes that are as unique as you! Known for their powerful link to zodiac signs, birthstones have long been celebrated as jewels that evoke certain feelings and traits when worn during its correlating month. “We’re big on personality here at KBShimmer and feel your style – especially your manicure – should represent exactly who you are,” says Christy Rose, founder of KBShimmer. “What better what to show who you are on the inside than with these personalized, gem inspired polishes that sparkle and shine as bright as you?!”During the Birthstone collection launch, 12 lucky winners will win a birthstone jewelry piece purchased from JewelryTV.  Each birthstone month polish purchased between 01/01/2016 and 01/08/2016 offers a chance to win a corresponding birthstone jewelry item as pictured in the listing.   See details at the end of this post.




Garnet – Garnet is a deepened burgundy red polish loaded with metallic flakes.  A hint of holographic dust adds sparkle and shine to this polish.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for January babies.

12356438_1640052616261131_1340907534_n DSC_6942

Amethyst – Amethyst is a rich red toned purple loaded with metallic flakes.  A hint of holographic dust adds sparkle and shine to this polish.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for February babies.

IMG_20151220_085640 Amethyst2 (2)

Aquamarine – Aquamarine is a pale blue polish loaded with metallic flakes.  A hint of holographic dust adds sparkle and shine to this polish.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for March babies.

Aquamarine2 (2) 03 KBShimmer Aquamarine 3

Diamond – Diamond is a pale silver polish loaded with metallic flakes.  We amped up the holographic dust to max out this polishes sparkle and shine.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for April babies.

04 KBShimmer Diamond 2 Diamond

Emerald – Our Emerald is a rich grass green polish loaded with metallic flakes.  A hint of holographic dust adds sparkle and shine to this polish.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for May babies.

KBShimmer-Emerald 2 12394038_797625137026374_168097808_n

Black Pearl – Black Pearl is a dusty black toned polish with holo sparkle. It is loaded with metallic flakes that take on a golden hue giving this this polish a warm blackened green look.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for June babies or pearl lovers.

1389122_551304871714089_1898369501_n 06 KBShimmer Black Pearl 2

Ruby – Our Ruby polish is a warm blue toned red loaded with metallic flakes.  A hint of holographic dust adds sparkle and shine to this polish.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for July babies.

DSC_6940 IMG_20151220_094106

Peridot – Peridot is a pale lime green loaded with metallic flakes.  A hint of holographic dust adds sparkle and shine to this polish.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for August babies.

IMG_20151220_165623 10326397_1073663012646439_760629505_n

Sapphire – Sapphire is a rich navy leaning blue loaded with metallic flakes.  A hint of holographic dust adds sparkle and shine to this polish.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for September babies.

Sapphire Up kbshimmer-sapphire

Pink Tourmaline – Pink Tourmaline is a vibrant pink loaded with metallic flakes.  A hint of holographic dust adds sparkle and shine to this polish.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for October babies.

IMG_20151220_172528 10 KBShimmer Pink Tourmaline 2

Citrine – Citrine is a golden yellow with metallic flakes.  A hint of holographic dust adds sparkle and shine to this polish.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for November babies.

1172997_165754157117754_1077315412_n IMG_20151220_173724

Blue Topaz- Blue Topaz is an icy blue polish with metallic flakes.  A hint of holographic dust adds sparkle and shine to this polish.  With two coat coverage, this will be a must have for December babies.

kbshimmer-blue-topaz 12345792_444165695778265_845104331_n

Birthstone Promo – 12 lucky winners will win a birthstone jewelry piece purchased from JewelryTV.  Each month’s polish purchased between 01/01/2016 and 01/08/2016 grants you a chance to win a corresponding birthstone jewelry item (as pictured in the listing). Contest open to purchases made on KBShimmer.com or via alternative mail in entry. No purchase necessary. For alternative entry, send a self addressed, postage paid bubble mailer to KBShimmer, 2820 S State Rd 63, Terre Haute, IN 47802 with a card naming one month. One entry per mailer. Must be received by 01/05/16 to be eligible. Contest items cannot be exchanged for different sizes, prizes or cash.

Each jewelry piece was purchased by KBShimmer, and this contest is not sponsored or affiliated with JewelryTV.


KBShimmer’s Birthstone Collection will retail for $8.75/each and will be available January 1, 2016 at KBShimmer.com, Amazon.com and select salons & retailers. For sales outside the U.S., visit www.harlowandco.org.

KBShimmer Behind The Scenes Tour

Ever wonder if KBShimmer polishes are made by little elves in trees with magic dust, or if our products come out of a big factory in China?  Well, though we often come out of our place looking like we were sprinkled by Tink, KBShimmer is based right here in the USA, in Terre Haute, IN.  Most of our ingredients are sourced and made right here in the USA (including our nail polish base). And I (Christy) still personally make each soap bar, bottle of lotion, and mani shot that heads to your door; while my husband and staff help with scrubs, cuticle oils and the glitter nail polish.  Any products we offer that are not personally made by us (top coat, base coat, nail tools, etc) are carefully sourced or we had them custom designed/made for us!  No elves in trees involved.

Here is your ticket to the behind the scenes tour of the KBShimmer “factory”, I hope you enjoy!

Photo Oct 23, 2 23 24 PM

When you walk in our front door, you enter into our office areas.  Here we have Krishna’s desk, Krishna is not only our customer service guru, she handles our bookkeeping and is our Sister-In-Law.  She most often works from home now as she has a young baby.  My “photo studio” is also in the front room.

Photo Oct 23, 2 20 34 PM

Here my office.  Yes, I work in a state of disorganization!  I can’t help it.  My mind goes 100 miles per hour, so that means I rarely stay focused enough to put stuff away.  My desk is also always littered with polish prototypes.  These photos were taken back when we were finalizing Spring, back in October of 2014.

Photo Oct 23, 2 20 45 PM

Off the office area, we have a small kitchen area we use for curing soaps. Look at those empty shelves, we have a lot of soap to make!

Photo Oct 23, 2 24 14 PM

Next we have the shipping area.  This is Sami and Rhonda’s domain.  They handle all our shipping and are the reason you get your packages shipped crazy fast!

View from our 2nd floor looking down at the shipping area.

Photo Oct 23, 2 21 38 PM

Another shipping areas shot from above.  Hi Sami!

Photo Oct 23, 2 21 35 PM

A closer shot of the shipping table.  The shelves hold the polish and products ready for shipping. You can also see the post office totes we use to take packed orders to the post office.

Photo Oct 23, 2 17 33 PM

Bath and Body products ready for shipping, a pallet of wholesale boxes, and a small sink and area for cleaning supplies.

Photo Oct 23, 2 17 42 PM

Side shot of the shipping tables.  In front retail orders get packed, and the back, wholesale orders are packed there.  You can also see the orange pallet jack in the background.

Photo Oct 23, 2 17 51 PM


Closer look at our retail shipping set up.  Boxes are pre-taped by Sami and are ready for packing orders!

Photo Oct 23, 2 18 11 PM

Next we have the production area.  Our production area is split into two sides, with a table for pouring polish and labeling bath products in between.  The right side is our polish area, and the left is for bath and body. Hi Rhonda!

Photo Oct 23, 2 22 29 PM (1)

Photo Oct 23, 2 20 10 PM

We start with a shelf of empty bottles, jars for lotions, scrubs, etc, and brushes and caps for polish.

Photo Oct 23, 2 18 19 PM

Here is a closer look at the polish side.  You can see the red fire cabinets that we store polish base in, and a larger drum of polish base.  You can also see the table we mix on, some of our liquid color pigments, and the shelves where we house the glitters and powdered pigments.  We also have a few boxes with glitters that still need to be put away.

Photo Oct 23, 2 18 28 PM

This is a bit old, but at one point we did have all our glitter put away.  We have added two more shelves since then for glitter.  I may have a glitter problem 😉 Not the best video, but you get the idea.  If the video below does not show, you can follow this link: Youtube


Some of our glitters are mixes we pre-make, like the mix for Oh Spalt! ®

File May 17, 10 34 08 AM

Here are the gallon containers we use for mixing up polish, and the squirt bottles we use for filling bottles.

Photo Oct 23, 2 19 53 PM

Here is Rhonda capping bottles.  You can also see our filling machine we use for really large batches off to the right.

Photo Oct 23, 2 19 48 PM

Then is my area for bath and body production.  You can see our shelves with ingredients.  Here I also have buckets of lye mixed up for soap making as at time the soap shelves were really empty!

Photo Oct 23, 2 19 24 PM


Here I have raw ingredients for soaps, lotions, scrubs, etc.  Our big mixer for larger batches of scrubs.

Photo Oct 23, 2 19 39 PM


Here is our mixer again, and another production table for bath products and an oven.  You can also see a pallet of empty polish bottles here.

Photo Oct 23, 2 19 42 PM


Here is our dish washing station with clean dishes on racks.

Photo Oct 23, 2 19 13 PM

Here is our 2nd floor balcony.  We store shipping supplies up there, like packing peanuts.

Photo Oct 23, 2 21 09 PM

Our second floor has turned into a storage area, along with holding Jason’s office.

Photo Oct 23, 2 21 56 PM

Photo Oct 23, 2 21 53 PM

Photo Oct 23, 2 21 49 PM

Jason’s office area. Since he does a lot of our polish making, he is not up here often!

Photo Oct 23, 2 22 08 PM

Last we are back down to the shipping area, where we have our bay door for deliveries, and storage of shipping supplies.

Photo Oct 23, 2 17 17 PM

Photo Oct 23, 2 17 22 PM

Are you still with us?  Good!  What behind the scenes tour is complete without demos of products being made?

Here is video of us mixing up Laugh Myself Lily: If you can’t see the video below, you can follow this link: Youtube


And here is our filling machine and capper in use.  We use the capper more then the filling machine, but both are fun to watch! If you can’t see the video below, you can follow this link: Youtube


I hope that you have enjoyed the behind the scenes tour of KBShimmer.  Now watch your step and exit to the right please.  And come back soon, we have enjoyed having you on this tour!