About KBShimmer

Mothers always know best, don’t they? Years ago, my mother slipped a bar of handmade soap into my hand. A thoughtful gift, a simple gesture of kindness. I adored the bar and delighted in its creamy bubbles and alluring aroma. As the last sliver was consumed, I began researching soap making to see if it was something I could make myself. Poring over books, I discovered a recipe, located supplies and made my very first batch. Years later, long after that soap was gone and that batch forgotten, I walked into a bath and body store while on vacation, and again fell in love. “You can make that,” said my husband. And I knew he was right. It was at that moment that my entire life changed.

I was working long and stressful hours in a career that left me unfulfilled. My indulgence at the end of the day was a long, hot bath. And my special treat? A trip to the local spa for a pedicure and fresh polish on my toes. I’ve discovered that a good pedicure can change my perspective on almost everything. 

I continued to toil away at my job, but nights brought fresh batches of soap as I honed my skills and mastered new techniques. I adored having a creative outlet that indulged my love of color and helped dissolve the stress of the day. My passion soon led me to create other products as well: bath bombs, sugar scrubs and lip balms. With a petite budget but an abundance of hope, I built the very first KBShimmer website and began venturing out to local events to spread the word.

Life has a funny way of intervening, doesn’t it?  Unexpectedly, found myself without a job. That event launched me into an internal struggle: though I didn’t want to work for anyone else, I needed to support my family. While pounding the pavement looking for work, I diligently watched for opportunities to grow my business into a sustainable income that would give my family the security it needed.
The next few months were a blur of cold calls, store meetings and late nights restocking a handful of accounts. The clamor from our customers for new products led to my initial experiments with creating nail polish. Nail polish? I could create nail polish? Who knew! I was intrigued by the process and how it wove together two of my passions: pedicures and color. I knew from that very first batch that THIS was going to revolutionize KBShimmer. And that instinct couldn’t have been truer! Upon the introduction of our nail polish line, our fan base exploded, fueled by customers looking for unique polish not found at mass retailers.

KBShimmer has flourished into a business that not only supports my family, but the families of my small but dedicated KBShimmer team. We continue to offer our colorful soap, creamy sugar scrubs, bath bombs, lotion, hand care products, and yes… a dizzying array of beautiful nail polishes!  KBShimmer is proud to offer local shopping in Terre Haute, Indiana. Not local? We’ll happily ship our color-drenched products right to your doorstep anywhere within the United States while our partner, Harlow & Co. serves our growing international fan base.
Funny how a little bar of soap can ignite a passion and change absolutely everything. Thanks Mom!