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I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. - Georgia O'Keeffe

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KBShimmer believes that wearing a perfect pair of broken-in jeans can make your day. We believe in late-night laughs and afternoon naps. That a bold lip color, a fresh manicure and a sassy t-shirt can make you feel like a million bucks. That yoga pants and a sexy little black dress belong in the same closet.

We believe that a scent can remind you of vacations with friends, summers at the lake, or grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. That puns that make you snort and laugh are the best kind of puns. That you should never settle for the 24-pack of crayons when there is a box with 152 colors. We believe in the right to drink wine with friends and debate over which boy band was best, which 80’s cartoon rocked our worlds, if adults should still eat Lucky Charms, and which red polish is the most perfect ever made!

KBShimmer believes that a pop of color or a hint of sparkle can change your mood. That everyone can feel vibrant and beautiful with the right shade of polish.  We believe that self-expression can come from a bottle of polish, nail art done at home, or a signature scent.

Founded in 2008 by Christy Rose, KBShimmer proudly offers a distinctive collection of vibrant shades that can spark confidence and invoke joy in people everywhere. We invite you to come in, grab a drink, browse our site and find the perfect KBShimmer shade to help you express your bold side and to make life more beautiful! 

About KBShimmer Founder Christy Rose:

 There are some kids that can color with the same few crayons all day long. I was never that kid. From a young age, I had a deep love of color. From needing that big box of crayons, to wearing neon skirts and bold red nails - I loved expressing myself in color.

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Like many small businesses, KBShimmer was created through my drive to do something beyond working long and stressful hours in a career that left me feeling unfulfilled. My indulgence at the end of the day was a long, hot bath and a good book. And my special treat? A trip to the local spa for a pedicure and fresh polish on my tips and toes. Those pampering moments could change my perspective on almost anything. 

In 2007, I walked into a bath and body store while on vacation and fell in love with the bold colors, rich scents and creative vibes I found in the handcrafted body care that filled the store's shelves. I knew that with support from my husband, Jason, that I could create my own products to enjoy during my peaceful bath and spa moments.

In 2008, my home was overflowing with bath and body goodies, and I needed to make room to create more! So I took those products to a local craft show and KBShimmer was born. For a few years, my nights and weekends were spent making products, shipping orders and attending craft shows. But, life has a funny way of propelling us forward, doesn’t it?  

In 2011, I found myself, unexpectedly, without a job. That event launched me into an internal struggle: I knew that I didn’t want to work for anyone else, but I still needed to support my family. While pounding the pavement looking for work, I diligently watched for opportunities to grow my business into a sustainable income that would give my family the security it needed.

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The next few months were a blur of cold calls, store meetings and late nights restocking a handful of accounts. The clamor from our customers for new products led to my initial experiments in creating nail polish. What? I could create nail polish? Who knew?! I was intrigued by the process and how it wove together two of my passions: pedicures and color. I knew from that very first batch that THIS was going to revolutionize KBShimmer. That instinct couldn’t have been truer! Upon the introduction of our nail polish line, our fan base exploded, fueled by customers looking for unique polish and hand care items not found at mass retailers.

KBShimmer has grown and flourished into a business that not only supports my family, but the families of my small, but dedicated team, too. My husband, Jason, who was my biggest supporter, is now in charge of nail polish production at our KBShimmer warehouse. We now offer creamy lotions, colorful sugar scrubs, mani shots, lotion, hand care products - and yes, a dizzying array of beautiful nail polishes!  

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 We’ll happily ship our color-drenched products right to your doorstep anywhere within the United States. Click here to see who serves our growing international fan base.

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