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Unique Glitter Nail Polish – Fresh, Fun, Handmade Soap – Soothing Scrubs – Bath Bombs and More!

KBShimmer ® is your indie nail polish source for unique nail polish, vinyl nail decals, Mani Shots, handcrafted cold process soap, sugar scrubs, and other soothing treats for bath and body. Bright, colorful, high quality, we have what you want. Treat yourself today and turn your boring bath into something fresh, clean, and fun!

  • Photo Oct 23, 2 23 24 PM KBShimmer Behind The Scenes Tour (5/17/2015) -

    Ever wonder if KBShimmer polishes are made by little elves in trees with magic dust, or if our products come out of a big factory in China?  Well, though we often come out of our place looking like we were sprinkled by Tink, KBShimmer is based right here in the USA, in Terre Haute, IN.  Most of our ingredients are sourced and made right here in the USA (including our nail polish base). And I (Christy) still personally make each soap bar, bottle of lotion, and mani shot that heads to your door; while my husband and staff help with scrubs, cuticle oils and the glitter nail polish.  Any products we offer that are not personally made by us (top coat, base coat, nail tools, etc) are carefully sourced or we had them custom designed/made for us!  No elves in trees involved.

    Here is your ticket to the behind the scenes tour of the KBShimmer [...]