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  • kbshimmer-my-life's-porpoise-with-pansy-monium-stamping Stamping With The Spring Creams – Guest Post by Kirby of The Mercurial Magpie (3/31/2014) -

    Hey, everyone! I’m Kirby, the blogger behind The Mercurial Magpie!  I’ve been a big fan of KBShimmer ever since I discovered the world of handmade polish and I’m super excited to be posting here today!

    So, let’s talk creams. To a polish lover, are they always the most exciting thing? Your first thought might be no, but I say…YES! You see, they’re incredibly versatile. On their own, they can be a nice palette cleanser or pop of color for an accent nail, maybe even a base for nail art! But oh, reader, their appeal for me doesn’t stop there. One word- stamping!

    It’s the first question on anyone’s minds when they read about new cream colors- “Yes, yes, you claim it will fold my clothes, wash my car and have dinner on the table when I get home from work, but WILL IT STAMP?” Is that just me? It is? Oh. Well, regardless, it’s certainly [...]