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  • pantone-book-11 Computers, Colors and Neons Oh My! (7/1/2015) -

    We have had a couple questions/complains lately regarding polish colors matching when compared in person to photos on the screen.

    I wanted to explain our color matching/batch making/blogger photo process.

    For every polish, we make a prototype batch.  That prototype batch sits in our office, goes back and forth to our house for me to use, and generally bangs around for 4-6 months, if not longer before released.  This batch generally has had tweaks and changes made, but the final recipe has a 12-24 bottle or so batch made and left to sit to ensure we are happy with the final recipe and everything is stable.  Our recipes are very specific and are done by weight for all colorants, and by dry measurements for glitters.  This ensures we can duplicate recipes exactly.

    Closer to release, generally 2-3 months before release we scale up that prototype batch to gallon size batches(or larger amounts),  making [...]