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KBShimmer By The Numbers

KBShimmer By The Numbers

2017 was a great year for KBShimmer, and we wanted to share some of our proudest accomplishments, and here they are, by the numbers!  So sit back and join us as we give you some insight into where 2017 took us, and maybe a hint of what 2018 will bring!

Facebook:  We ended the year on a Facebook high, with over 195,000 fans!

Instagram: We love you as much as the 109,645 hearts you gave us in 2017.

Shipping Ninjas: We kept the post office busy with over 32,000 packages shipped out, and that does not include FedEx!

Multi Chrome Madness: For the second year in a row, Shade Shifter was our most popular polish with 14,231 bottles sold.

Clearly On Top:  You love our topcoat, with over 2,200 orders containing top coat!

New Shades:  We added over 80 new colors in 2017, including several limited edition and group exclusives.

On The Road: We packed our bags and attended 5 shows this year, including 1 pro show!

2017 was a fantastic year for us, full of fun, laughter and joy.  2018 is already starting out with a bang!

New New New!!:  We have a new staff member that started in 2018, we are super excited to have Jena on board.

New Scents: You tested, we tallied, and 4 new scents will be coming your way in 2018.

And Much, Much More!  We have lots up our sleeves with new colors, new scents, and so many exciting things happening that we can not wait to share.  2018 will be our best year ever!

Happy New Year everyone, hope your 2018 brings you everything you desire!

Christy & Jason