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Hella Holo Customs + KBShimmer = <3 <3 <3

KBShimmer is very excited to announce that for the month of February, KBShimmer is one of 2 featured makers for the Facebook Group Hella Holo Customs.  Hella Holo Customs (HHC) was created two years ago for fans of holographic polishes of all types.  Each month, group members submit inspiration photos for makers, then vote on those photos.  Makers then work in collaboration with the group admins to create 3 stunning holographic polishes!  Members using sneak peeks they get along the way, suggest names for each polish.

We at KBShimmer were so inspired that we created 4 polishes for this months group customs.  These are on sale now through 02/28/2017.


These polishes are then put up for sale for a limited time, exclusively for group members.  Why, if not available publicly am I telling you about these polishes?  Because you can join ANYTIME!!  And the best part, we are working with the admin of this group and they are going to handle international shipping for us, so even if you live outside the US you can purchase these directly from us!

JOIN NOW – https://www.facebook.com/groups/HellaHoloCustoms/ – JOIN NOW

None Of Your Bismuth

Based on the multichrome crystal photo that captures a metallic rainbow of colors, this truly unique multichrome was blended with several different pigments to shift from a teal green, to aqua blue, to fuchsia pink and purple.  This spectrum of color is accented by a strong linear holo. This polish is very unique, and it looks different in varying forms of light.  If soft, indirect light, you see more of the greens and purples, while brighter light brings out the blues and holo.  In strong sunlight, the holo really shines and the polish looks teal and green, and sometimes it appears almost like a dark navy.  It really is amazing how many personalities this polish has.  2-3 coats recommended

16583866_978802488917300_2856325591697719296_nkbshimmer-none-of-your-bismuth-2 16711612_1815197775407404_729824327111987587_n HHCRainbowCrystal1-4 KBShimmer Hella Holo Customs KBShimmer None Of Your Bismuth 11

Deep Hue Sea

Inspired by the shadows and fuchsia shades of sunset, Deep Hue Sea is a charcoal holo with strong violet pink shimmer, appearing almost as deep bruised purple in certain lights.  In low lighting, it appears black, with pink and violet shimmer popping out, while in bright light, it looks more dark purple and pink with a strong linear holo.  2 Coats recommended

16585376_1730249083971329_374738838628597760_n 5c7068f7-f5f2-448f-9f35-b06d35e5d95f_zpswegsn2lu 16487860_1838475376430697_8910889660889028545_o Deep Hue Sea1 DueHueSea KBShimmer HHC February 2017 Deep Hue Sea (5)

Tall Pink Of Water

When the sun sets, and the sky is just right, beautiful flashes of orange, fuchsia, magenta and dark purple fill the sky.  This holo polish captures the bright fuchsia and magenta tones of the suns setting rays.  This pink polish is packed with linear holo pigment for one of our strongest holos yet.  2 coats recommended

16465185_1275390602528434_5508330943355551744_n 16601734_748882402639_7543119674157817326_o 16665510_1838485949762973_125788648120656816_o HHCSunset2-3 KBShimmer-tall-pink-of-water-2 copy TallPinkOfWater

Shoe The Blues Away

Based on the glittery shoe, Shoe The Blues Away is a vibrant cobalt blue shade is super holographic, with the holo pigment adding pops of lighter aqua against the deep blue color. This polish almost has a inner glow in some lighting, with the way the holo shows.  2 coats recommended

16585585_572148636325023_1665038879402491904_n e7a0937c-e041-446f-bec3-c65a178ea2e6_zpsiukfr2d5 IMG_7897 KBShimmer HHC February 2017 shoe the blues away blue linear holographic (3) KBShimmer HHC February 2017 shoe the blues away blue linear holographic (7) ShoeTheBluesAway

These polishes won’t be around for much longer, so join the group and get these before they are gone!

JOIN NOW – https://www.facebook.com/groups/HellaHoloCustoms/ – JOIN NOW