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Orange Pop with Tape Stripe Accent Nail

This weekend I am attending a conference and wanted to try some nail art to accent my nail polish.  I have to say that I can not draw, or paint, nor do I have steady hands that would allow me to create nice dots or stripes by hand.  I remembered I saw someone on Pinterest use tape to create stripes and decided to give it a go.  I have to say I am quite pleased with how it turned out.  I took step by step photos to share.

To start, I chose Orange Pop to be my base color.  I used three coats of Orange Pop, and did one coat of top coat on all the nails before applying the “artwork”.  I selected three creams in teal, purple and magenta to compliment the glitters in Orange Pop.  The color of the blue polish is actually more teal in person.

I then gathered my scotch tape, a scissors and top coat.  The tape is my workshop tape, so you can clearly see that it is well loved, and “decorated” with splashes of polish.


I then painted three stripes onto the tape, without removing it from the holder.  I let the tape dry before removing.  I chose polishes that covered well in one coat, but you could add a second if needed.


When dry, remove from holder.  I cut close to the last color so the tape was not so long it folded back onto itself.


Then using your scissors, cut a strip of the first color.   I cut my strip to be 1mm wide.


With the painted side up, sticky side down, stick the stripe onto your nail.   I stick the strip so that one edge lined up with the edge of my nail.  Do not press the longer edge down.


Using your scissors, trim the long edge of the stripe to fit your nail.  It might be easier if you have cuticle scissors, but regular ones worked fine.  After trimming, press the rest of the stripe down.  Looking at the micro shot, you can see some of the glitters through the stripe, but you can not see that at a normal distance.


 I then moved on to the pink, cutting a stripe from the tape.  I placed it on my nail at an angle so that it crossed over the purple stripe.


Again, trim down the strip and press down so it sticks to your nail.  Move on and cut the last strip, using the blue color.


I then stuck the blue to the nail, going across the opposite direction of the pink, so that the stripes form a asterisk.


Again, use the scissors and trim off the excess.


When complete.  Press down tape, ensuring all edges are secure on the nail.  Then cover with at least one coat of top coat to seal.  I did two coats to ensure it was smooth.

And here is the finished look!


Not bad for having no art skills at all.  Next time I would probably do a second coat on the tape so the polish was a bit more vivid.  I think the pink blends in a bit too much.  There was plenty of painted tape left over, so repeating on the other hand would not be an issue.  I could also see myself using punches to create shapes from painted tape.  Maybe a scalloped nail edge or flowers.  I have to give props to all those out there that can create murals and designs freehand.  If you have any you created using KBShimmer polish, or with KBShimmer polish as a base, send it to  I would love to share them on here!


Welcome To The New KBShimmer Website And Blog!

Welcome To The New

You may have noticed we have a new website.  We here at KBShimmer have been working with a great team from Iceberg Web Design to build you a site that will make shopping easier and more rewarding.  There are some big changes you may notice right away, and some behind the scene changes that may not be noticed, but will make shopping with us even better then before! More about the changes below.

Customer Accounts:

You will now have the option to set up an account on here.  Your personal information such as log-in, shipping information and order history will be stored on a secure site.  You will be able to log-in, see past purchases, see your order status, and more importantly, earn rewards on your purchases.  As always, your information is not shared with anyone outside KBShimmer, never used to spam you, and is never sold or shared with third parties.  Your credit card information is not stored and is also processed on a secure server.  To create an account during checkout, simply check the box at the bottom of the billing information section during checkout, or click the My Account Link anytime you are on the site.


Guest Log-in:

If you prefer to not create an account, your information will only be used to process your order.  You can uncheck the create an account box at the bottome of the billing information section during check out.

Customer Rewards:

You can now earn reward points on purchases.  When you make a purchase, points will be earned and stored in your account for later use.  See our rewards page for more information.

Better Order Tracking:

When you place an order, as always, you will receive an emailed invoice from us.  When your order is shipping, in addition to tracking information received from or PayPal, you will get an email from us letting you know your order is on the way.  With an account, you can also access your order status online.

More Exact Shipping Options:

With the new site, we are pulling more detailed costs from the post office.  This will show the box sizes that your order will fit in, and costs based on weight and shipping type.  This will allow you to pick Express Shipping, First Class, or Priority based on your needs.   The shipping options will default to priority on top, but if you have a small order, look towards the bottom for the first class option.


Real Time Inventory With Cart Holds:

In order to reduce shipping delays, we will now be using inventory tracking.  If we are out of a bath bomb scent, or just sold the last Pink Sugar lotion made, it will show on the site as Sold Out.  This will help us fill orders in a more timely manner.  There is also a 15 minute cart hold.  Once you place an item in your cart, you will have 15 minutes to check out before that item is made available for someone else.  Don’t worry.  With nail polish we keep a large number in stock at all times and don’t anticipate lack of inventory.  During new releases, unless the polish is a limited edition, that feature will be disabled and all orders for polish will be filled.

Easy Social Media Sharing:

On each page, there is a icon bar with many of our favorite social media sites.  It is super easy to share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more.

Mobile Shopping: is now mobile.   Shop on our site from your phone, Kindle, iPad or other mobile device with ease.


This is a new site, so there may be tweaks made, bugs we have not found, or typos still to be fixed.  If you have any problems, please do let us know at  We have several exciting guest blog posts coming soon, more exciting new to share, and of course new polish and products on the way soon so check back often for news.

Happy Shopping!

Christy & Jason