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Hand Care with KBShimmer

Hi!  This is Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary and I am absolutely thrilled to be posting on the KBShimmer Blog today!  While I have always adored Christy’s polish line, I hadn’t tried her bath and body line (shame on me!).  For the past 2 months, I’ve been using her products religiously though!

I was sent lotion, sugar scrub, cuticle oil and hand soap in the fragrance Pink Sugar (which is also the perfume I generally wear) and they all smell identical to the perfume!

Hand Care

Before I started blogging I didn’t pay too much attention to hand care at all.  I have always worked in an office setting, which generally means a lot of paper shuffling.  I got dry hands, hang nails and paper cuts on a regular basis.  Once I started a blog, the photos looked awful because of all the issues my hands had from not caring for them!

sugar scrub

For the past 2 months I have been using a bit of the Sugar Scrub (just a dab about the size of a nickle) on my hands when I get out of the shower and my hands are still a little damp.  This helps buff away dead skin and leaves your hands smooth.  Unlike some scrubs I have used from large companies, there is no greasy feeling left behind.


After the sugar scrub I follow up with 2 pumps of the lotion.  Much like the sugar scrub, the lotion doesn’t leave a greasy or heavy feeling residue behind!



Polish shown is The Grape Beyond and Ice Queen

I carry around this convenient cuticle oil pen with me everywhere I go, and use it when my cuticles and surrounding skin feel a little dry.  I haven’t had any leaking issues, but I do keep it in a ziplock bag to be on the safe side (my purse is a hazard zone, I won’t lie!)


I kept the soap on a dish in my bathroom and it is just beautiful.  Added a nice pop of color to the area and it smelled divine!  I used it as normal hand soap throughout the day when I would wash my hands, then I would follow up with more of the yummy lotion!  Sadly, I have used the last of the soap already, so I will be purchasing some more here shortly!


polish shown is KBShimmer Berry Patch

Aside from nice pictures, why is cuticle care important?  Because it helps to nourish and provide healthy growth of your nails.  It’s also important to keep your cuticles well moisturized to prevent hangnails (prevent, not eliminate) and dry, cracked cuticles that can really hurt!

Do I still get hangnails?  Yes I do, but not nearly as often as I use to.  The KBShimmer line of hand care items I have been using have really helped to keep the dryness to a minimum, even with my paper shuffling job (and paper sucks moisture out super quick!)

Hope this post helps, and that you enjoyed reading!  Thank you again to Christy for inviting me to do a guest post, I truly am honored to have been able to contribute!