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Launch Party Collection

This March 15th, KBShimmer is launching its debut collection featuring the all new look.  Matte black and holographic foil accented boxes, brushed silver logo imprinted on the bottle, and 5 free base set the bar high for KBShimmer’s 10th year in business.  The 9 piece space themed collection features 8 multichrome and duochrome polishes and a galaxy holographic top coat.  Retailing for $10 each, this out of this world collection launches Thursday March 15th at and select retailers.

 Just A Phase – Just like the phases of the moon, this magnetic multichrome polish has many different looks.  This polish shifts from shades of red, bright pink, gold, green, copper and peach.

Solar Flair – If you are looking for a fiery polish, this magnetic multichrome is it!  Like the molten flares of the sun, this polish shifts from shades of gold and yellow, to hot oranges and reds.

Let’s Do Launch – When the space shuttle was launched going off to the moon, I can only image the  families gathered around the television, in the pastel shades of the late 60’s, anxiously awaiting those first lunar steps.  This magnetic multichrome echoes those soft peach and pinks, lime green, and grass green shades of that eras fashion.

Thrust Issues – Burning bright in the sky, the golden flames of the rockets carrying astronauts into orbit are etched in the minds of those that have viewed space launches.  This magnetic multichrome shade imitates those golden hues with a range of yellows, gold and oranges that dance like flames on nails.

You Rocket My World – Earth, with is rolling hills of green, vast blue oceans, and rich and vibrant jungles must be a wondrous site to see in space.  This magnetic multichrome starts with vibrant shades of green and shifts through shades of lavender and silver.

No Comet – Like a comet shooting through the sky, this magnetic multichrome shade mimics the colors of those nightly wonders.  This magnetic duochrome shows off a vibrant blue, flipping to a majestic purple.  Top with A Star If Formed for galaxy like nails.


Spaced Out – This magnetic multichrome is full of fantastic flipping pigment.  Purple and pink hues give way to shades of green blues and in photos and almost silver color appears.  This is one shade you won’t want to take off!

Orbits and Pieces – Throughout space, orbiting around planets you will find billions of pieces of stars, planets, and even stuff from earth.  Imagine finding technology from earth light years away, crazy!  This magnetic duochrome polish is crazy as those pieces of space junk.  A vibrant magenta pink hue flips to a bold blue toned purple, for a shade fit for infinity and beyond.


A Star Is Formed – What is a space collection without the stars?  This holographic top coat is loaded with micro holo flakes that shimmer and sparkle in the light.  While not quite a linear holo, theses micro flakes produce a beautiful holo flame that paired with any of our magnetic polishes twinkle more than any galaxy in the sky.

KBShimmer Magnet – A strong magnet with the “cat’s eye” or linear pattern.  Retails for $3.00

The countdown has started, KBShimmer’s new look and the Launch Party Collection will blast off 03/15/18. Polishes will retail for $10; other product pricing will vary. For a limited time, get the whole collection, magnet, and multichrome bag for $90.00.