New Release, Discontinued Products, Big Thanks To Bloggers

Fall Release

Tomorrow marks the release of the 2013 KBShimmer Fall Nail Polish Collection.  This collection of 7 polishes has a bit something for everyone.  Look for these polishes to be release around 1PM EST on 09/01.  The new collection includes Vicious Circles, Every Nook & Cranberry, You Autumn Know, Teal Another Tail, Excuse Me, I Blurpled, Turbulence, and You Go Ghoul!.

A list of blogs with swatches will be at the bottom of this post.


Discontinued Products

It is that time of year again to trim our offerings to make room for others.  We have made the decision to discontinue our entire lip balm line.  Available flavors are listed in the lip balm section at a discounted price.  If you are local, Baesler’s Market in Terre Haute, IN will still continue to offer select flavors.

We are also no longer going to offer Patchouli Lotion.

Three nail polish colors will be retired when current stock is depleted; Toucan Touch This, Quantum Leaf and Jack.

I Love Bloggers!


I don’t blog.  Well, OK I do, but I don’t like it and don’t do it often as you can probably tell.  When I do blog it takes me a long time to apply the polish, clean up, set up my camera, take the pictures, load onto the computer, edit the pictures.  Then there is describing products, adding the pictures, proof reading, and much more.

Blogging often happens at night, after working all day.  After chores are done, during time when one could be relaxing or spending time with family and friends.  It is a time consuming task.  I recognize that.

I also realized quickly that blogging is not strength of mine.  I am not one that feels comfortable swatching polish.  I feel like I never clean up well and I have issues with application due to hands that shake.  I now look to others who do a much, much better job at it.  Each launch I send out samples to many bloggers.  Each taking time out of their lives to show the public the beauty of the polish we sell.  These bloggers offer critiques, honest opinions, and photos taken with different cameras, in different lighting, on different skin tones to give you the most accurate view of a product that you rely on pictures to purchase.

During and before release we here at KBShimmer are often swamped with preparing polishes for the release, on top of keeping up with current orders and day to day business tasks.  We get hundreds of emails daily, and that only increases before a release.  This month my computer also broke, leaving me working from my mobile devices or on borrowed computers.  As reviews come in, bloggers send me back links and pictures.  I admit it, I am afraid sometimes I miss emails from bloggers and neglect to reply and express my appreciation for all they do, especially this go round with not having my computer.

So, I am saying it here.  I truly am thankful to work with such a great group of bloggers. I appreciate each and every one of you, including those of you that blog about your personal purchases.  I recognize that it is a tremendous amount of work, and work that may not get all the love or appreciate from the public you deserve.  I am thankful for the time that you spend swatching, perfecting your photos and posts.  I know it is not easy work, especially when all you get in return is some polish.  I know that I probably missed emailing some of you to say how great your photos are, and to express my thanks, so I am doing it here, where all the world can see.

So, Thank You!!

I also went through and gathered all the links that I could find.  If you would like to express your appreciation for the bloggers, or just want to see more swatches for the collection, use the links below.  Many of these bloggers have reviewed past collection or KBShimmer polishes from personal collections too.


As a side note,  I truly wish I could send to everyone that requests samples as I know how hard you all work. I do review each sample request that comes in, and every launch I add a few more or switch up who I send to try to work through all the requests.

5 thoughts on “New Release, Discontinued Products, Big Thanks To Bloggers

  1. Michelle Rouhier

    Thank YOU so much for such a heartfelt thank you. I have been a customer for almost two years and have always looked up to many of the bloggers who swatched for you. To now be included in that grouping is mind-blowing to me and I was honored to have been chosen to be able to review for you. I love your polishes, and adore your bath and body stuff as well! <3

  2. Blackdawn_70631

    Glad I signed up for the Newsletter when I signed up a few days ago, cause I had my eye on purchasing the Jack and Quantum Leaf nail polish before this was posted. Now I bought both being they’re going to be retired.

  3. polishaddict66

    I absolutely love the polishes and soaps I have tried so far. It is very obvious, by the quality of your products, that you are passionate about what you do and that is the reason I feel your homemade items are among the best out there!


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