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It just got easier to find your best base and top coat combo for shinier, longer-lasting manicures!  Need a nail treatment, ridge filler, or just some extra protection from staining? How 'bout a quick-drying, ultra-glossy top coat? We've got you covered! 

Choose 2 from the following:

Clearly On Top: When searching for top coats, we at KBShimmer wanted one that dried quickly, was super shiny, did not cause shrinkage with glitter nail polish, and did not yellow.  When we found this top coat, it felt like finding the Holy Grail, so we made the decision to offer it here!

Free & Clear Top Coat: We did it!  We finally found a top coat that is 5 free that we think is shiny, that dries quickly, and leaves most polishes smooth as glass.  KBShimmer Free & Clear Quick Dry Top Coat is the perfect way to seal in your manicure for a long lasting and chip resistant shine. This non-yellowing formula provides that wet, plump look we want for our nail. Made without nitrocellulose, this top coat will dry hard and smudge free in minutes without shrinkage.

For best results, apply one coat on dry to the touch polish. Re-apply if needed to smooth and increase shine. Can be applied to dry polish, for a shine boost days later without lifting!

Oh Matte!: Apply this product over any nail polish color to create a matte finish! For best results, use over very dry polish, or a dry layer of quick-dry top coat.  Apply a layer in as few strokes as possible for a smooth, velvet look!  Avoid too-thin coats to ensure the best matte look. Thicker coats are better than very thin ones to ensure complete coverage.

Fillin' GroovyEvery polish wearer needs a good base coat.  Fillin' Groovy is a base coat that acts like double-sided sticky tape. It helps create a long-lasting bond between the nail and polish while filling ridges for smooth polish application.  It also helps prevent staining.

Nail Strengthener: This product contains calcium pantothenate and Vitamin A to help strengthen natural nails.  Weak, thin, splitting or peeling nails will benefit from the use of this product, which is free from Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde. Use this rehydrating nail hardener as a base coat underneath your favorite polish.  For very weak nails, apply one coat to bare, clean nails daily for two weeks. Remove at the end of each week with a non-acetone remover. For an additional two weeks, apply one coat every other day. Remove at the end of each week with non-acetone remover.

pH Plus: KBShimmer Nail Prep is a liquid nail preparation that is used before applying a base coat.  This nail prep helps adjust the pH of your nail to help the base coat bond.  Just brush on, let dry for 30 seconds, then apply base coat as desired. If you have oily nails, or want to remove lotion before polishing, KBShimmer nail prep can do that too!  Just swipe on the nail and then wipe with a clean cloth while the product is still wet. Compare to products like BondAid or Chip Skip.

Smooth Moves: There are a few things in life we may want rough, but our manicure is not one of them.  Glitters and flakes can leave polish lumpy and textured, and topcoats don’t always do the job of smoothing things out.  Smooth Moves can help even out those textured manicures for a shiny, glass-like finish.

Smooth Moves by KBShimmer works best when used on a fully dry manicure, allowing the topcoat to fill in the gaps and divots left by chunky glitters and flakes after setting. For best results, apply one plump coat of Smooth Moves to your completely dry manicure and let dry.  Finish with a coat of your favorite quick dry topcoat, like Clearly On Top. 

Additional Information

2 Free Top Coat (no formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin and no DBP ) Does contain toluene

Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Toluene, Acrylate Copolymer, Butyl Benzyl Phthalate, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Benzophenone, CI 60725 Violet #2

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by lovelier
01/30/2022 - 07:46:45 PM
Excellent deal
I bought Basic Training & Clearly on Top and love them both! They're sturdy and apply like a dream. Clearly on Top is my favourite top coat that I've tried so far. It dries nice and hard and looks absolutely glassy.
Reviewed by Jennyohfer
02/27/2021 - 05:11:29 PM
Perfect option!
I LOVE this option. You can mix and match the ones you need! Last order- I got a top coat and matte top coat. My friend got herself a base and top coat. It’s so easy and so far all products have worked wonderfully!
Reviewed by brendies
07/15/2020 - 03:18:45 PM
Basic Training & Clearly on Top
I've been using both Basic Training and Clearly on Top for several years now and LOVE them so much. They are game changers for me. However, just between yesterday and today, two family members have asked me where I get my base coat and top coat because after using mine, they are impressed at how well their polish has stayed on for days without chipping and while maintaining a beautiful shine. Both of them will be ordering from you soon. I also love all the color choices. My favorite is Stark Raven Mad. It is so beautiful I have to have a back up bottle at all times! Thank you for years of producing consistently high quality beautiful products. Brenda
Reviewed by lacemaxx
06/09/2020 - 06:22:26 PM
I ordered Fillin' groovy and Clearly on top for my duo but also ordered Basic training (the greenish looking base) and everything is so good! The basecoats both go on like a dream and dry so fast. Fillin groovy stays a little tacky so you do have to go pretty thick with your polish afterward or you get a little pull, but I really like that in a base. The Clearly on top is one of my favorite top coats. It finishes like glass and is extremely fast-drying. I'm hooked.
Reviewed by brandifitz002
03/02/2019 - 03:33:39 AM
Clearly on Top of all Top Coats!!!
This top coat is not only quick to dry, but it glistens like the morning sun. It makes my polish last for days and days. Dishes? No problem! This top coat literally has you covered for all of life’s messes with no chipping!
Reviewed by Llking
10/14/2018 - 05:17:30 PM
Top and bottom
Nice top coat, dries quickly with a nice finish. Ridge filler is nice, does it's job well... Just do not apply too thick.. It takes a while to dry.
Reviewed by jenm
10/14/2018 - 03:05:25 AM
Good Value
I've tried most of these items and this set is a good value if you're picking up any two, even two of the same item.

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