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Over time, polish can get thick and stringy.  This is due to the evaporation of Butyl Acetate and Ethyl Acetate, two of the main ingredients in nail polish, the same ingredients that let the polish dry on your nails!

To restore thick polish, use Restoration Drops, our KBShimmer polish thinner.  For slightly thickened polish, start with 2-3 drops, shake, and check consistency. Repeat until you are happy with the thickness of the polish. For dried out, or severely thickened polish, we suggest filling with thinner to the fill line (before evaporation taking into account any prior use).  Let sit overnight, and shake in the morning.  You may need to use a toothpick or paperclip to stir, allowing the thinner to reach the bottom of the bottle.  As always, we highly suggest cleaning of the necks of the polish bottles after use to allow a good seal.  This will reduce polish evaporation in the long run.

To prevent evaporation of thinner, store with regular top.

Please note, glitter polish is thicker than cream polishes generally.  The use of too much thinner can reduce the suspension properties of glitter polishes, always start with 2-3 drops and only use what is needed to restore to original consistency.

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5 Free Thinner

Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate

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Reviewed by hb27517
04/22/2017 - 09:03:00 AM
Repeat buyer
Every lacquer enthusiast needs polish thinner in their arsenal and KBShimmer's is the best deal out there. I decant it into a smaller dropper bottle but it's easy to use right from the bottle with the twist-seal nozzle. I've used it with all kinds of indies and mainstream polishes with excellent results every time. One of my favorite KBShimmer products, I buy Restoration Drops two at a time and include a bottle when I gift polish to others.
Reviewed by aimsmiff
02/23/2017 - 07:24:05 PM
i finally took the plunge & ordered the restoration drops to try to bring back to life a beloved polish that has lived in my refrigerator for the last EIGHTEEN YEARS.

it worked.

IT. WORKED!!!!!!

i have since saved SEVEN old bottles that i'd been saving & hoping that one day the technology would exist to bring them back to life. it was like i'd cryogenically frozen them. i can't believe this product, i've told everyone i know about it.

if you're on the fence, hesitate no more! your polish CAN be saved!!!
Reviewed by Jacs
07/19/2016 - 09:40:30 PM
I finally signed up for an account just to review the polish thinner. This stuff did the job faster and better than Seche restore. I took a chance since I was ordering other stuff and I'm glad I did. You also can't beat the size/price combo.

My new fave.

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