The Northern Exposure Collection

There’s a bit of magic when the first flakes of snow fall up North.  Snuggling into our warmest coats and clothes, mittens and boots come out of storage to help keep the chill at bay. Summer cabins become winter retreats with snow-covered pines offering a cozy setting for enjoying time on a frozen pond or rushing down a snowy hill.  Short days give way to inky nights offering a deep canvas ready to showcase billions of twinkling stars and colorful Northern Lights best appreciated outside the cities. 

Winter holidays bring about buckets filled with brandy slush to warm attendees playing games after dinner and laughing late into the night.  You know a good time will be had when piles of boots litter the entryway and the aromas of turkey, stuffing, and pies fill the house.  Living in a snowy area, winter becomes a way of life.  Snowmobiles and ski passes, ice skates and ice hockey - winter is the season to embrace the cold and have fun with friends and family!