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KBShimmer Black S Magnet for Magnetic Polish


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Product ID : Black_S_Magnet

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Magnetic polishes are an out-of-this-world invention! With the power of a magnet, color is shifted and relocated on the nail for a futuristic 3D effect. For best results, you need a strong magnet with the right magnetic pattern – and not all magnets will work.  The KBShimmer Black S Magnet is strong and features two ends, one with a "cat's eye" or linear pattern and the other that when used on its side, produces a X pattern. The KBShimmer Black S Magnet can be used with all magnetic polishes (including gel varieties).

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Reviewed by ktalaska
07/28/2021 - 06:08:29 PM
Mostly happy
This magnet works really well, but I was disappointed to discover that the plastic coating is not even a little acetone-resistant. Since I am not superhuman, I am obviously going to accidentally touch some wet polish with it from time to time.
Reviewed by twinkie7634
03/21/2020 - 09:16:13 PM
A while ago I bought 2 magnetic polishes and the gray handle magnet and did not have much luck. When I saw another color that looked interesting and this new magnet that did look stronger I decided to try again. I am very glad I did because it makes the magnetic line very pronounced, I'm assuming because it's such a strong magnet. I got better results on my other polishes with this magnet

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