I just received my first order of KB Shimmer order yesterday I swiftly broke out my nail polish remover and took off my current nail polish and used You Autumn Know I was in LOVE!! I swatched My Life's Porpoise and let me tell you I have never seen a more beautiful grey blue in my life!! it was nice and creamy nice coverage on second application. I am happy so far!! I will be ordering more and more and more till i have every single color they have if that is possible. KB Shimmer is going to make me broke!! LOL! Thank you KB Shimmer for being great and for just existing.
I got 5 of the linear Holo polishes about a week ago and needless to say, IM IN LOVE.Its only been a week and I'm placing my second order now!! Addicted!?
KB Shimmer was one of the first nail polishes I purchased when beginning my collection, and has continued to be a top favorite. When I apply Leaf Of Faith, Vicious Circles, Show Me The Mahi, Carpe Denim, or Whiskey Business to my nails I find myself constantly admiring my sparkly nails. They just dance in the sun! I never fail to get a compliment when wearing KB Shimmer, and always the question, "Where did you get that nail polish?" For a change I've also enjoyed the glitter crelly polish formulas, which this company excels in. Next I want to try the gorgeous creams, which I've heard recommended by the nail polish community on YouTube. Finally I'd like to say that I appreciate the way the majority of these polishes are available for more than just a season, so there is always a ready stock of my favorites when I've used up that last drop in the bottle.
KBShimmer was my first and is still my absolute favorite indie brand. I love the unique and beautiful colors they create. The formula is wonderful and the customer service is top notch. Everyone I've introduced to the indie polish world is sent straight to KBShimmer. They do no disappoint.
If I could only wear one brand of nail polish for the rest of my life, it would be KBShimmer. Every single color that I have purchased is unique and gorgeous, especially the linear holographic polish. I have a HUGE collection but I know that no matter what polish I order from KBShimmer, it will be so different from any other polish in my collection.

Not only are the colors amazing, but the formula is high-quality. It goes on smoothly and most polishes offer full coverage in 2 coats.

The topcoat Clearly on Top is definitely the best topcoat I've ever used. It provides a great shine, dries super fast (like, really super fast), and is resistant to chips and dings.

I can't say enough good things about KBShimmer. I have over 20 colors and order new ones any chance I get!

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