KBShimmer Silver Holographic Drawstring Backpack


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Every gal needs a bag for when they are on the go, and the KBShimmer Silver Holographic Drawstring Backpack is ideal for taking with you!  This soft and holographic silver material is ultra blingy in the sun, and indoors still gives off the holo glow you love.  Extra sturdy black drawstring secures your belongings, while the slightly stretchy fabric that measures almost 16 inches tall and 14 inches wide, gives you lots of room for gym clothes, your favorite toiletry items, nail polish and more.  Each strap is about 30 inches long when drawn closed for easy carrying.  The KBShimmer logo is featured on the right lower corner of each bag, and the other side is blank.

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Reviewed by Puertoricansugar
10/10/2022 - 02:36:58 PM
Works wonderfully as my gym bag.
This product is hardy! I use it as my gym bag and it definitely withstands some weight and use without becoming damaged. It’s in perfect condition even after joining me on my gym adventures. Not to mention, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I love the holographic finish. It’s stunning! Total win.
Reviewed by pawsandpolish
07/05/2020 - 01:33:40 AM
Such a handy HOLO bag!
I am super happy I own this bag. The fabric is absolutely stunning and the quality overall is truly exceptional. I'd expect nothing less from Kbshimmer though! You can fill this up with so much stuff. It stretches so well and no matter what I stick in it, the fabric is strong enough to handle it all (not to compare it to a garbage bag but I think of those commercials with people stuffing a huge pizza boxes into their bag to show off how much it can stretch without ripping). I've been using it for a couple years and it shows no sign of wear and tear! Its surprisingly comfy to throw over your shoulder or wear like a backpack, honestly I wasn't expecting that to be the case from the looks of the rope style straps. This isn't just an average "merch" product one would buy to support a business by showing off the name. This gorgeous bag is worth every penny and it has an endless amount of uses. You won't regret picking this up!

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