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#4 Flat Oval KBShimmer Vegan Clean Up Brush


Price: $9.00

Product ID : 4_Flat_Oval_KBShimmer_Vegan_Clean_Up_Brush

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We're not perfect - but with this vegan, nylon clean up brush, our manicures can be!  The #4 Flat Oval KBShimmer Vegan Clean Up Brush ideal for detailed clean-up work, easily reaching into tight cuticle spaces with enough reach for larger messes.  This rainbow colored, acetone-resistant brush features a secure cap to protect the bristles, a chic faux multichrome aluminum body with KBShimmer logo, and a black multichrome rhinestone-accented handle. 

To use, simply dip the bristles in acetone and swipe away polish from around your cuticles and skin.  For best results, we suggest swiping away fresh polish mistakes as you go instead of waiting until the polish is dry.

Additional Information

- Vegan Nylon Brush
- Aluminum Handle
- #4 Oval Brush Head
- 6 Inches long, including cap
- 5 3/8 inches long without cap
- 7/16 inch in diameter

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Virgusa
12/19/2023 - 11:39:23 AM
Love it.
Great brush. Would highly recommend
Reviewed by Celesta
08/22/2022 - 11:24:17 AM
The best clean up brush
This is the best clean up brush I’ve used to this date. It goes smoothly around the edges of the nail and cleans up wonderfully. Hardly any remover used either. Just enough to do it’s job.
Thanks for making a wonderful product.
Reviewed by pointysparkles
03/19/2022 - 10:14:46 PM
A great investment.
This is just the right size and shape to make cleaning up your cuticles super easy, and it's so pretty and well made that it's a pleasure to use. I can't believe I spent years fiddling around with and losing cheap, misshapen plastic tubes to protect the bristles of my brushes when I could have just gotten a brush that came with its own sturdy metal cap.
Reviewed by Connie
06/13/2021 - 11:24:18 PM
Gorgeous brush
I'm so happy I decided to purchase this gorgeous clean up brush. It's made so well and cleans up my nails effortlessly.

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