*New* Summer Vibes

Summer means it's time to relax and enjoy warm weather and sunshine.  Calendars are filled not with homework and meetings but weekend trips to the lake or park.  Long days make it easy to enjoy cookouts with family and friends with no rush to head to bed.  To beat the heat, kids head to local pools where even the adults can’t help but to jump in.  Local fairs offer new adventures, with crazy deep-fried foods and cool drinks, perfect for a summer day.

This summer, KBShimmer is bringing you nine vibrant nail polish shades to help you feel those summer vibes.  Sumptuous shimmers, shifty hues, flake-filled jellies, and a hint of sparkle bring a touch of summertime to your nails.  Beat the heat with the coolest polishes, launching July 1st at KBShimmer and other online retailers.  Each shade is available for $12, and the complete set for $96.