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Polish & Beauty Expo Multichrome Ballpoint Pen


Price: $2.00

Product ID : Polish_Beauty_Expo_Multichrome_Ballpoint_Pen

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The popular multichrome Polish & Beauty Expo pens are here!

6” long, the medium point, black in ballpoint pens feature a stylist end for use on paper or tablets.

Additional Information

Following are some helpful care tips:

-        The mask should be used for a maximum of 4 hours and then replaced with a clean one.
-        Used masks should be kept in a closed plastic bag.
-        Be sure to have clean/sanitized hands when changing your masks.
-        After use, hand wash your mask in warm water with a mild detergent or baby shampoo and let air dry In a sunny and/or ventilated place.
-        The use of a washing machine/dryer Is not recommended but can be used on the Lingerie/Gentle setting.

To maximize your comfort while wearing the mask the ear bands can be easily adjusted as follows:

-        Pull down the bands from the side insert on the mask. You will see a little knot; untie the knot. Put the mask over your nose and secure it with the nose wire. -        Adjust each side with a loose knot and test the ear bands again.
-        Tighten the knot and pull it up to hide it on the side insert of the mask.

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