Chevrons w/Guides - Vinyl Nail Decal Sheet


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Chevron with Guides, 32 connected sets, 96 individual chevrons (when connected sets are peeled away).  These lines are intended to hang over for easy removal, but they can be trimmed and used as a sticker.  You will receive 1 sheet in a navy color.  See directions below.

Picture tutorial for vinyl use

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Additional Information

All vinyl sheets come unweeded (without excess vinyl removed).

Steps for Nails Vinyl Decals (Leave On Sticker)

1)       Apply nail polish and allow nails to dry. Wait longer than you think you should to ensure that no smudging occurs when decal is applied.
2)       Peel away vinyl decal from paper. Use tweezers to help with small pieces.
3)       Place decal onto your nail in desired location.
4)       Press decal firmly.
5)       Apply a clear top-coat to seal in the design.

 Steps for Nails Vinyl Stencils (Removed Pieces)

1)         Apply nail polish and allow nails to dry. Wait longer than you think you should to ensure that no smudging occurs when the stencil is applied and removed. If desired, apply quick-dry top coat to shorten drying time.
2)       Peel away stencil from paper backing. Some designs may require "weeding"  (removal of excess components). Use tweezers to help with small pieces.
3)       Nail vinyls tend to be very sticky, so, apply it to your hand first, remove, and apply to your hand one more time before placing onto the nail. This allows your natural oils to reduce some of the strength of the adhesive.
4)       Place stencil onto your nail in desired location and press firmly. Make sure all edges are firmly on the nail so that polish does not bleed under the stencil.
5)       Apply a different color polish onto your nail and over the stencil.
6)       While the polish is wet, remove the stencil. Wait no more than 15-20 seconds before removing, or the polish may pull up with the stencil.
7)       Apply a clear top coat to seal in the design.

If you have small pieces that do not overlap onto your skin for easy removal, use a tweezers to pull up from the edge or puncture vinyl and pull up with tip of tweezers.

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